Homelessness is now a crime in cities throughout the U.S.




Eighteen percent of cities now ban sleeping in public, and 42% of cities ban sleeping in vehicles.

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MGMT - Electric Feel (Sped Up 10%)

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Kanye West on VH1 Storytellers (2008): “When I made ‘Good Life’… I was very rich already. But if I think back to when I was making The College Dropout thinking this wasn’t what I expected. I mean I didn’t expect the losses. I didn’t expect everything to work out well. I expected real life. And then… I suffered the worst pains to help me to grow. So those experiences, I’ll never ask to take them away because they’re all in God’s plan. And help make me the man that I am today. And help make me more of a soldier and a vessel. Because if I hadn’t suffered those losses, I might be scared or too scared to fight the war on traditional thinking.

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i literally can’t imagine a scenario where a person wouldn’t want these

The sex would be









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This is so one-sided and narrow visioned, it borders on being hilarious.

  1. Let’s tackle gif one…the magazines, um so do the video makers not think men see magazines and wish they had the bodies of the guys on them? Because let me assure you, this DOES happen. Men may not protest or complain about it as vocally as women do, but it does sit in their minds and they do dwell on their “imperfect” physical prowesses. If they didn’t, would you really see so many guys hitting up the gym or casually mentioning how they want to get a six-pack? Buff muscle bound actors, musicians, model men are plastered across all sorts of women’s and men’s magazines. Men get to see the burly adonis-like physiques of people like Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt (well…back in the day), David Beckham, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, etc, front and center on the magazine aisles right next to the women who are shown just the same.

    The only reason men are less vocal in this insecurity is they are taught not to complain, that complaining will do nothing, so they have to either just give up and distress about it or hit the gym constantly, or….learn to be okay and happy with the bodies they have, but I can assure you, even if it isn’t vocally expressed, the third option is not the norm, sadly.

  2. Gif two…Superhero movies are predominantly male power centered, I get that so I concede that much. But the TV shows, reverse versions of King of Queens, Family Guy, Still Standing, shows where an overweight man has somehow scored a relatively bombshell fit/thin wife. But the problem the video makers intentionally fail to mention is that in those shows, the men suffer from being made to look utterly and appallingly idiotic. These men may have scored a hot wife, but not only is she hot, she is almost always portrayed as the voice of reason and sensibility, the smart one, the true heroine to all the man’s blundering stupidity. So these men may have scored a hot wife, but it always comes at the cost of their blithering lack of intelligence.

    So really who is the sexism against here? Is it sexist to say that men despite their physical appearance can still get a very attractive spouse? Or is it more sexist and quite fat-shaming to portray these obese men as having no redeeming qualities, to make a stereotyped trope of the idiotic fat husband? I’d say the latter is farrrrr more sexist and disgusting a trope than simply the hot wife being the smart, reasonable, praised one who happens to be married to a guy that is physically “out of her league”. You can whine about “benevolent sexism”, but really….? Portraying the men as idiotic, slobbish, fat guys is tons more sexist and fat-shaming, overall it is much worse than the role of the women in these shows. End of story.

  3. Gif three…So the video makers are trying to say that men just don’t experience catcalls, wolf whistles, and being objectified? Try again. This happens quite as much as it happens to women. Guys just vocally express their uncomfortability with it, less. And many guys just simply try to take it as a compliment. But men face these things too, stop trying to make it all “if men were women hurr durr durr then they’d deal with this stuff and be so uncomfy and they’d KNOW what women have to deal with, it’s so hard for women”. But men ALREADY DO face these scenarios. Next!

  4. Gif four…People saying “it’s hard to find a funny woman”, are sexist assholes, point blank. But this IS NOT the majority opinion, this is an INDIVIDUAL opinion. Stop trying to make this opinion seem as if it is something mainstream, it isn’t. If it was, I Love Lucy, which is quite possibly the most successful television show of the 1950s, and maybe even the 60s, would never have had so much success. The demographic of those who watched the show were equal in sex, the show came on in the primetime hours, it was a family show and families would sit around and watch it together and laugh TOGETHER. People, MEN and women, thought the antics of Lucille Ball and her comedy show were the height of hilarity. So men on the whole DO find women funny, because the aspect of what they find funny on the whole has nothing to do with the sex of the person delivering the humour. Like I said, this opinion of “you’re funny for a girl” does circulate, indeed, but it is on an individual basis, not a societal mainstream basis.

  5. The last gif…I think we can all concede that seeing a good woman president in office would be very refreshing on terms of gender opportunities having occupied the Oval Office. But just because there hasn’t been a woman president does not mean that women aren’t allowed to be president. The track for the presidency is open to anyone who is qualified for it, there is no statute which bars the presidency from a candidate based on their sex or gender. Women might feel discouraged from pursuing the presidency as this gif is trying to portray, but it is inherently misleading that this gif doesn’t bother to show the milestones and paved paths that soon enough a woman president is a strong possibility.

    Times have changed a lot, we see more and more women in political positions, positions which signify power, responsibility, and the leadership and representation of the people. Women like Condoleeza Rice, Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin (even if I and most people don’t like her, she still showed some headway for women in pursuit of those executive political positions), Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Madeleine Albright, Janet Reno, Margaret Thatcher (for leadership potential in general for the world-through, yes I know she isn’t American), Wendy Davis, and so on and so on. So the gif is being intentionally misguiding in painting the future as if women will never become president, when signs are pointing so strongly to the future being bright and more and more welcoming for a woman president.

It’s so sad to see how people have swallowed this down in reblogs with a clear lack of critical thinking. These gifs are a clear-cut case of the video makers painting issues how they want other to perceive them, not how things really are, or that an equal or close equivalent is almost always at hand on the other side.


@true-justice-moogle - I have some gripes with this critical analysis even though I appreciate it and was actually WONDERING when someone would say something. 

My gripes are that 1 - men aren’t forced into life threatening situations in cat call / street harassment scenarios. Men are not conditioned culturally that there are consequences to saying ‘no’ to a woman that pursues him or made to feel like the weaker sex when they are pursued. Then on a macro level men are not taught to be afraid of women. They’re just not. HOWEVER, I have seen..quite often that men DO suffer from harassment from women in a similar fashion more online, and in some select instances in person. The point is that even though men have to deal with this sometimes, it’s not an ingrained cultural STANDARD for that to happen as a power dynamic between the sexes. 

2 - The reason why there hasn’t been a female president is literally because there’s still this enormous sexist idea that a WOMAN having that much power is destructive because of her period and because ‘women can’t handle power.’ Literally. All you have to do is really check the polls for opinions on Hilary being president to figure that out. It isn’t because not enough women applied, etc, etc. You also have to understand that there’s still a sexist assumption of power dynamics the higher you get in our culture. People that are in these positions as women know that. Men are overrepresented in that area and it does so much damage on a cultural scale to those seeking representation in the places they want to go or aspire to metaphorically. That was the point of that last gif. 

Other than that, great comments. But there was just a bit of ignorance I wanted to fill in the blanks for. 


Christian Bale visiting the memorial site of the Aurora, CO mass murder victims.

Christian Bale visiting the memorial site of the Aurora, CO mass murder victims.

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How does this make you feel? 


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Frank Ocean - Bonnaroo, Manchester, TNPhoto Credit: Ajon Brodie


Frank Ocean - Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN
Photo Credit: Ajon Brodie

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Fairy World?


Scary World


You’re not that scary.


Well, here’s a picture of your grandma’s feet! 


It burns! 


Fairy World?


Hairy World.


Dairy World?


Hairy World.


Oh, darn it!


you know you’ve seen that show too many times when you read all that in their voices.

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Big Brother 15 (US)

This was one of the hardest scenes i’ve ever watched on tv, it’s was heartbreaking as fuck to watch two black people resort to tears because they didn’t want to give into the stereotype that follows when a black person gets upset.

Watching her cry and talk about how she’d had enough of white housemates taunt her, call her “Sheniqua” and tell her that she was about to “get black” and flip her mattress off of the box-spring, throw her belongings to the ground, and three of them at the same time bully her until she almost got to the point of getting violent because she’d had enough and felt so threatened. A black man who’d grown up in the south knew better than to leave her in that situation he had to physically pick her up and take her out of the room.

Had to be carried to the Have Not room, a room known basically as the punishment room. A room that most of this season has been dominated by POC and minorities that the rest of the house deemed “unworthy” or just didn’t like to be calmed down. He had to talk her down, telling her that if there was one person in the house he was going out protecting it would be her, his fellow black woman. He’d gladly throw away money to protect her and make sure no one did something to her. He told her he’d give up a bed so she could sleep in it and not have to worry about those girls. She’d said she was tired of this behavior and the comments and why should they have to back down, that they should retaliate, that they shouldn’t be weak.

She was Malcolm X in the situations while he was preaching to her like Martin Luther King Jr.

He said they had to act better than them because all eyes were on them, they had to stay calm. And thats when she broke down and cried and sobbed in his arms, while he was barely able to control his anger towards that side of the house for doing that to her. They both sat their in tears, praying to God to give them the strength to get through the rest of this competition without blowing up.

They had to decide to back down against the enemy instead of give them a taste of their own medicine. They decided to be better than that situation, I applaud them for being so strong.

It was a hard scene to watch and go through as a woman of color. It was a hard fucking scene.

I don’t watch this show, but I heard about most of this on the radio.  A bunch of WHITE radio hosts were laughing and joking about how they were waiting for her to blow up and rooting for it.  They knew it was only a matter of time and it would be hilarious.

We’re just tapdancing watermelon-lovers to most White folks.  Even & especially the ones that will claim to be “not racist.”  If you like seeing a Black woman being emotionally tortured to the point of tears and look forward to the day she jeopardizes her own future by lashing out at a couple of White girls that will be fine no matter how much they abuse her:
You’re thinking like a racist.

Big Brother Season 15 Racism supercut

its nothing short of appalling 

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Keke Palmer geting emotional in an interview with Raven Symone (x)

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